Happy New Year and welcome to Patient/Physician Cooperatives

Houston - January 1, 2018

Happy New Year and welcome to Patient/Physician Cooperatives.

As the nation continues to debate which direction our healthcare system should go, a growing number of health professionals have started seeking their own solutions, resulting in a number of non-traditional alternatives.

Enter Patient/Physician Cooperatives, a comprehensive system that brings physicians and health practitioners together in order to deliver affordable healthcare for patients from all walks of life.

That mission began in 2012, after we realized that physicians and patients alike were disgusted with the “business of medicine.” By collaborating with other professionals, we were able to create a comprehensive model that focuses on wellness. This groundbreaking program offers members the opportunity to receive primary care and treatment of chronic conditions from their selected member physician as often as they need with $0 copay, including medical imaging and lab work. Adults under 65 qualify with no pre-existing conditions.

Under this structure, consumers are able to bypass the red tape of traditional insurance carriers and select options such as prescription discounts, dental care, vision, and many other benefits that add even more value. Our staff of professional patient advocates is on hand to guide members to find the best pathways to quality healthcare for the lowest cost. As a result, Patient/Physician Cooperatives gives members priceless peace of mind.

By taking control of the process, member physicians can assist in building a bridge for people seeking affordable care, a necessity for those with limited or no coverage. This allows us to not only provide access to continuous quality care, but also allows our providers to develop tangible relationships with our member patients. This is a critical part of the healthcare process.

Upon first learning about Patient/Physician Cooperatives, we have heard people tell us this program is too good to be true. If you believe you might benefit from Patient/Physician Cooperatives I challenge you to contact us and evaluate it for yourself. This is the definitive program for our nation today. It meets the challenges of providing healthcare for the uninsured — plus so much more.

Thanks for visiting. Check back here again soon to meet some of the most influential voices in healthcare. Learn what they are saying about the healthcare industry and how it affects you, your family and your business.


Don McCormick, CEO and Founder

Patient/Physician Cooperatives

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