Nominate Your Provider

Don’t see your current provider apart of the PPC Provider Directory? No worries! Nominate your current primary care physician for an opportunity to Join the PPC Directory. We will reach out to them on your behalf and provide them with information about the benefits of joining The PPC family.


Once your current primary care physician join, your co-payment will decrease to $0. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Provider Nomination Form

I have joined the Patient/Physician Cooperatives by which I expect to gain access to medical and hospital services that is both affordable and by I might assure the quality of the services. I have in the past consulted with the physician I have named below, and I want to nominate that physician to be participating member physician of the Cooperative. The Cooperative is a means for me as a patient to pay fair, reasonable and manageable fees for my health care and for my group health insurance. And the nomination of my Primary Care Physician is an assurance of the quality of care I seek.