Want to Become a PPC Agent?

Patient/Physician Cooperatives is an association of medical providers and patients that offers a new pathway to care.

It enables physicians to concentrate on keeping their patients well by eliminating the red tape created by traditional insurance. By removing this barrier, patients receive high quality care while providers remain paid in full.

Why Represent Patient/Physician Cooperatives?


✔ Provide a unique alternative to traditional healthcare plan models


✔ Carry a distinctive product that will be a door-opener for employer groups


✔ Be part of a leading organization in an exploding industry

✔ Separate yourself from other agents and lackluster products

As a Patient/Physician Cooperatives Agent, you will offer

✔ $0 deductible $0 co-pay healthcare plans for your employer groups.

✔ Primary medical care plans for individuals with no co-payment and no health qualifications, plus many other valuable benefits – for costs that are much lower than traditional insurance.