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Welcome to Patient-Physician Cooperatives (PPC).
We provide health care, not health insurance.
PPC cuts costs and confusion with direct healthcare solutions for individuals and families.

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We provide affordable membership healthcare plans

Get Labs, Imaging, Primary Care and 24/7 Telemedicine as guaranteed benefits

Why PPC?

Founded by physicians, our membership plans were designed to provide quality health care for everyone at affordable rates. We built strong Direct Primary Care relationships with providers to ensure that subscribers have access to a hassle free network.

PPC plans are not health insurance; they are ASSURANCE. What is Assurance? Assurance is receiving Labs, Diagnostic Imaging, Primary Care and unlimited 24/7 nationwide Telemedicine as guaranteed benefits.

PPC membership plans are Texas based and generally best for:

  • Healthy individuals to cover labs, imaging and primary care.
  • Individuals interested in maintaining their health through preventive healthcare.
  • Those who use it as a supplemental plan to a major medical.

We Do Things Differently

► Our Care Team of experts provide Care Coordination and Patient Advocacy to ensure you receive the right care at a fair price. We act on your behalf and guide you every step of the way.

► Our top priority is to represent your best interest medically and economically. From basic questions about your benefits to understanding a diagnosis or treatment plan, we are here to help educate and guide you.

► We are not insurance. We negotiate for the best price and contract directly with doctors and medical service providers upfront, so that you know what the costs will be BEFORE receiving medical services.

We offer health care benefits and member care services that ensure fair prices.

Direct Primary Care
Diagnostic Imaging
Lab Testing
24/7 Nationwide Telemedicine
Patient Advocacy
Dental, Vision, and Hearing Savings
Pharmacy Savings

PPC invites providers from Primary Care to Specialists to join us. Together we can make healthcare accessible and affordable.

Direct Contracting for Retainer Payments
Gain More Patients
Receive Helpful Support

Guaranteed Issue

No waiting on open enrollment!

Receive Lab Testing, Diagnostic Imaging, Primary Care, and nationwide 24/7 Telemedicine.

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What our members are saying...

I have been managing asthma since 2014 and this is the absolute best coverage, and for the money! I would highly recommend this coverage. I would even recommend dovetailing this with any coverage that you have for the benefits!! Do yourself a favor and check this coverage out. Also, they are incredibly helpful in their home office!!
Lessa Lee
Google Review
Well constructed Healthcare Plans at an extremely affordable price. Willing to work with any health concerns and make sure that I am taken care of. Excellent service and a staff always ready to help.
Kevin McCormick
Google Review
This company has such a responsive and helpful staff. Their benefits are even better. And the prices are affordable!! I would definitely recommend PPC to a friend or family member in need of Health Care coverage.
Ashley Smith
Google Review
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