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Working Together for Affordable Healthcare

Patient/Physician Cooperatives

Looking for an affordable healthcare plan? Enroll today to save. 

We have cost efficient plans to meet your healthcare needs!

Healthcare Plans Created with You in Mind

No waiting, no red tape, $0 copay for primary care, no pre-existing conditions exclusions, and low out-of-pocket expenses. No other healthcare system comes close to this value!


Statistics show that people who see their primary care physicians regularly to handle minor health issues or manage chronic conditions are able to stay well longer and minimize visits to other expensive health facilities or hospitals.


With Patient/Physician Cooperatives you can choose no co-payments for primary care, with no health qualifications or pre-existing conditions exclusions.

Membership Benefits

PPC provide services and benefits that ensures fair prices for our members healthcare cost benefits including:


  • PPC Provider

  • $0 Copay Lab Services

  • Telemedicine

  • Patient Advocate

  • $0 Diagnostic Imaging

  • And many other benefits  See more >>

Now Accepting Providers

PPC network continues to grow as we encourage providers from primary care to specialist to participate in our network and IPA. benefits include: